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"Laozi" says, "The best thing is like water. Water is good for all things without any struggle." Culture "seems Inconspicuous", but the trend of mutual learning among different cultures is unstoppable. Adhering to the Huawai school motto of “Embrace China, Embrace the World”,  PIEP has never stopped exploring the possibility of cultural exchanges.


It is reported that as of the end of 2022, more than 180 countries and regions around the world have launched Chinese language education, 81 countries have incorporated Chinese into their national education systems, and nearly 200 million people overseas study and use Chinese. The influence of our language is growing day by day.


The theme of the IB transdisciplinary unit inquiry for Gamma children this semester is "Celebrations". In addition to exploring the festivals of people around the world and the way they celebrate, it is also essential to understand the culture behind the festivals. Comes at a fitting time, children at a Chinese immersion school in the United States also launched a new unit theme of "Travel to China." How can you travel to a place without first knowing the local culture? Sparks were about to fly, and a wonderful cross-border linkage was born.


This cultural exchange activity across the Pacific is connected by small questions: "What is your hobby?", "Do you like China?", "What food do you like to eat?", "What sports do you like?". At the same time, we also shared the China Talk video recorded by the little PIEPers. Although they were separated by a big screen, during the interaction of the bilingual questions and answers, the two countries’ children gradually get to know each other and begin to establish an emotional connection.

不同的国家民族,不同的文化背景,中美双方的孩子们对彼此都充满好奇。于是,这场跨越太平洋的文化交流将由一个个小小的问号串联起来:“你的爱好是什么?”、“你喜欢中国吗?”、“你喜欢吃什么食物?”、“你喜欢什么运动?”……同时,我们也为美国的孩子们分享了小华狮录制的China Talk中国说视频,虽然隔着大屏幕,但在一问一答的互动间、在双语融合的交流间,两国的孩子逐渐相互熟悉,用他们稚嫩但真诚的语言架起了沟通的桥梁。

Through interactions with children from other countries, PIEP children not only improved their language communication skills but also gained a deeper understanding of the role of learning English. Children all over the world are learning foreign languages. The door between different cultures and countries is gradually being opened by the key of language. And the children of PIEP will be the leaders who shoulder important responsibilities in opening this door in the future.


Being tolerant of diversity is a virtue. Looking at the world through a wide-angle lens, mutual learning is necessary to follow the trend of the times. As a member of the IB World School, PIEP will also promote mutual learning among different cultures with an open and inclusive attitude and will always explore the path of cultural exchanges.

海纳百川,有容乃大。透过世界广角镜俯瞰,交流互鉴是顺应时代潮流、促进和平发展的必需。作为 IB世界学校的一员,PIEP也将以开放包容的心态推动文明互鉴,并一直在文化交流互通的道路下求索,有一颗中国心、一双世界眼的PIEP学子也将承担起将中华文化传向世界的使命。

未来,在此成长 The Future Grows Here!