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Professional teacher team





 Super-strong team of teachers from home and abroad is configured to allow every child to receive ful attention and professional guidance from Chinese and foreign teachers.

Class configuration: English teacher + foreign teacher + Chinese teacher + special professional teacher + teacher assistant (language immersion:full English environment in the morning, full Chinese teaching in the afternoon,and full English living environment)

Professional Teachers Team
All teachers have taken,accepted and passed strict interview,training and assessment.

Pre-conditions for all PIEP teachers to take interview

Love and understand childrenBe good at communication and proficient in EnglishHave teacher qualification certificateOver 3 years experience in pre-school and primary school education Bachelor degree or above

All PIEP teaches have

Accepted no less than 72 class hours per year of training about pre-school education and the training about education theory of children psychology

Accepted and made no less than 50 class hours of training and discussion about teaching contents

Accepted and took no less than 50 class hours of academic training and practice about international courses