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来源:爱培大事记   日期: 2020-01-09


        The transition from early childhood to primary school is an important turning point in child development. The experience of primary school curriculum learning will have a positive impact on future learning. Yoga, which comes from the Indian Sanskrit yug or yuj, has the meaning of "consistent", "combined" or "harmonious". By raising awareness,help humans reach their full potential. As one of the characteristic inquiry courses, children's yoga course guides children to develop "omnidirectional" both internally and externally.


        As part of the unit “Who We Are”, I-EP Grade 1 students have been learning about what it means to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This unit saw the students having guest speakers (including a Doctor, and teachers to discuss their lifestyles).

One of the IB standard and practices states that the school promotes responsible action within and beyond the school community. For the Grade 1 students and kindergarten students,they were very excited about this unit of inquiry and really wanted to share their learning and the importance of health and wellbeing.


     This was a very rewarding experience for all of the students. Our Grade 1 students became “little teachers” and were very dedicated in showing Yoga to their younger cohorts. Our PIEP students learnt a new hobby and understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that exercise is an very important element of this.

      Let us take our children seriously,When children encounter yoga, learning life begins another wonderful…...


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