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   华外PIEP爱培幼儿学园(The Personalized Innovative Education Programme)是专为2~6岁儿童打造的现代化、国际化的高端学前教育项目。与同文教育投资管理公司的小学、初中、IEP(爱培国际)IB项目、国际高中等优质教育紧密结合,与华南师范大学附属外国语学校小学CEP无缝衔接,为学生提供一站式教育服务,利用优质的教学资源。PIEP秉承“更中国、更世界”的办学理念,以“学习者为中心”,培养具有“民族情怀、国际视野”的世世界人为办学目标,保证孩子未来在此成长。

    The Personalized Innovative Education Programme (PIEP) is a modern, international high-end preschool education program for children aged 2-6. It is closely integrated with Tongwen Education Investment Management Co., Ltd.'s elementary school, junior high school, IEP-IB program, international high school and high quality education, and seamlessly connects with CEP, a foreign language school affiliated to South China Normal University, to provide one-stop education services for students. Take advantage of quality teaching resources. PIEP adheres to the "More China, More World" concept of running a school, and "learners as the center" to cultivate the goal of running the world with "national sentiments and international vision" to ensure that children grow up in the future.